Mackie InfoComm '08
Demo Room N112 – live demos at 10am, 12pm, 2pm & 4pm daily

InfoComm 2010 is here and Mackie has a cool demo room where you can get your hands, and ears, on the latest Mackie releases. We’ve got some great additions to our current family of products along with a game-changing new compact line array. It’s perfect for installs on a tight budget or as a high-output, scalable PA system for applications that may have never been in the market for a line array. Designed in partnership with EAW, it offers proven performance at a more affordable price point than ever possible before. Here’s the skinny on that, and the other new Mackie products you can see at this year’s show..


High-Definition Arrayable Powered Loudspeaker System

The Mackie HDA 12" 2-Way High-Definition Arrayable Powered Loudspeaker delivers superior performance and unparalleled sonic clarity in the most cost-effective constant curvature line array ever created. Powered by 1200W of peak system power, with a coverage pattern of 110 x 20, the compact HDA loudspeakers are highly configurable. The system can scale from a high-output pole-mounted PA to a flexible flown array incorporating up to four HDAs and two HD1801s per side, which is perfect for mid-sized venues. With acoustic and mechanical design by the award-winning engineering experts at EAW and patented HD audio processing, HDA offers proven line array performance and technology at a price point attainable by more users than ever before.

• 1200W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification
• Multitude of configuration options for installs and portable applications
• High-definition audio processing
• Custom designed transducers by EAW© and Beyma©
• Rugged all wood cabinet (15mm birch plywood)

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Come hear HDA in action with daily performances by John Lennon Songwriting Contest winner, Gaby Moreno

Premium FX Mixers with USB
2404-VLZ3 • 3204-VLZ3

Mackie VLZ3 4-bus mixers combine VLZ3 low-noise, high-headroom technology with increased channel count and superior processing that’s perfect for real-world live gigs. XDR2™ mic channels, each with 3-band EQ, offer more clean and useable gain than the competition. Create great-sounding, professional mixes using dedicated channel and subgroup compression, dual RMFX+™ effects processors and true 4-bus architecture. You can even connect to your laptop to record the show, stream house music or use your favorite plug-in live using the built-in 4x2 USB interface.  Define your sound, create your mix and record the whole show with VLZ3 4-bus mixers.

• Studio-grade XDR2™ mic preamps (20-2404, 28-3204)
• 8 dedicated compressor on four channels and all four subgroups
• Dedicated inline channel compression on four channel strips
• 3-band active EQ for flexible tone control
• Dual 32-bit RMFX+™ processors featuring 24 “Gig Ready’ effects
• Integrated 4x2 24-bit USB interface

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12" 2-Way High-Definition Powered Loudspeaker

The Mackie HD1221 delivers 1200W of class-leading power via ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification, perfect for smaller venues that still demand high-output. High-definition audio processing results in unmatched clarity and performance, while custom-designed transducers and system tuning by EAW provide complete system optimization. Ideal for portable applications and installs, the HD1221 is flyable and the rugged, all-wood enclosure features a monitor position with a steep angle that’s perfect for the stage. Three user-selectable voicing modes ensure the right tone for the application, including an optimized setting for use as a stage monitor. Pair the HD1221 with the HD1501 for the ultimate portable, professional system.

• 1200W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification
• High-definition digital processing
• Custom designed transducers by EAW©
• Three user-selectable voicing modes for easy system tuning
• Rugged all wood cabinet (15mm birch)
• Ultra-compact and lightweight (51 lb / 23.1 kg)

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18" Powered Subwoofer

The Mackie SRM1801 Powered Subwoofer effortlessly delivers 1000 watts of room-shaking Class-D power in a lightweight portable design. The 18" woofer delivers superior output and active electronics include a precision crossover and tuning filters, providing amazingly accurate bass response. The robust, solid-wood enclosure is covered with high-durability textured black paint and includes an integrated pole cup that’s a perfect fit for your Mackie SRM450v2. Ideal for small clubs, DJs or any portable sound reinforcement application,  the SRM1801 completes a lightweight,  easy-to-use Mackie powered system.

• 1000W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification
• Mackie Active electronics provide total system optimization
• 18-inch woofer delivers superior output and low- frequency extension
• Dual XLR inputs for mono or stereo applications
• Solid plywood enclosure with high-durability, textured black paint
• Extremely lightweight and portable (73 lbs / 33.1 kg)

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